2nd May 2018

Great meeting with Vice Chair Lindie from Zulu Graphix chairing as Emma from Semaphore PR has stepped down after five years in the hot seat. And we coped surprisingly well with doing the one minutes in alphabetical order!!

Lovely to welcome Debbie Lock from Jobfinders and Sharon Millar from Deskteam as first time visitors. We hope to see them both again soon.

Our extended presentation was brought to us by Clinical Hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson, who gave a really interesting insight into how she works. It was fascinating to hear how she personalises her approach to the likes and interests of different patients and to get a top tip for the worriers amongst us. It's definitely not 'Google it!'
Quote of the Month?

"I'm always worried I'm going to fall asleep when Lynda speaks,"
Kate from Utility Warehouse as a result of using Lynda's hypnosis downloads before she goes to sleep at night!

We didn't let Emma step down quietly after doing such a fabulous job for five years! We showered her in flowers and Champagne as a token of our appreciation. We look forward to meetings with Lindie at the helm from now on and we're sure she'll do an equally grand job. We also look forward to mingling with Emma in the cheap seats!

Jenni Hallam is running a Business Sanity Mastermind Workshop on Wednesday 16th May if you want to do less and get on more.

Maria Kurek from HR Dept would like to talk to emplyers with pregnant employees

Belinda from SE20 thanked Suzanne for a new social media client

Mary from Mary & Mick Design thanked Jenni for a branding project