5th March 2014

Great meeting with a fantastic guest speaker in the shape of Barbara Veale from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign.  It was really interesting to hear how the local community got behind this cause to the point where 25,000 of them marched in support of the campaign.
It was lovely to welcome back Yasmin Eddlestone from Beauty Bug and Rachel Molina of Rachel Molina Photography both of whom were making a second visit.  Jeanine Zeki from Visalus joined us for the first time and we hope to see her again next month.
Lots of freebies on offer this month – from tax reviews to seminars and open days – and it was really positive to have a couple of reports of business won in the past month via introductions from ex-members.  We must be doing something right if people are continuing to make recommendations on behalf of the group even after they’ve moved on!
Finally, we are sad to say goodbye to both Sherry Bailey and Siobhan Kelly, both of whom have been wonderful contributors to the group.  We wish them well in the future.
Quote of the Month?

“I’d like to thank Sue O’Connor for spending time in my bath,” Belinda O’Grady from SE20.  Apparently she climbed in to take measurements whilst giving bathroom redesign advice. Not that Belinda was in it at the time – she was on the toilet!


It was notable just how much business was passed around the group this month:
Rachel Montague thanked Helen Colechin for an ‘ideal’ referral.
Joyce Batten thanked Sherry for introducing a new client.
Siobhan Kelly thanked Denise for a recommendation which resulted in a booking.